AME Consulting

Leadership Coaching & Professional Human Resources Consulting 

I help entrepreneurs and organizational people managers who are struggling to lead themselves and others.  I coach them in a collaborative and supportive way so they feel empowered to lead more effectively.

I will help your business succeed by providing strategic leadership in the management of the organization's human resources.

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I coach individuals to sharpen their inherent leadership skills to achieve both short and long-term goals, enhance personal and team performance as well as professional and organizational goals.

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I will provide concrete strategies to organizations and leaders to create a positive, productive, and engaged culture"  
Aileen M. Edwards, MA, ACC


'Authentic, honest, knowledgeable, fair, and responsive. Keywords I would use to describe Aileen, of AME Consulting, in navigating Human Resource issues. Aileen has a keen ability to put the facts with an appropriate emotion to the situation

Elizabeth Linzer 

Manager, ADP ~ Unity Health Toronto

"Aileen has the ability to draw out of you the truth about where you are at and where you are going. Great goal oriented direction and accountability are two things that worked great on a business level. Also, on a personal note she helped me in what was the start of much transition in my life. I would highly recommend Aileen as a coach and trainer who truly loves what she does.".

Darcelle Runciman